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Edmond Robert Mansoor

"The Truth Is On The March..."

In a most humble manner, I beg the reader to read "The Truth..." which is included in this writing: It was not published, but printed privately. It was mailed to many Egyptologists and museologists and to other people interested in arts and sciences. Also to some institutions with an Egyptology Department. I received on it only favorable comments and encouraging letters. Among these, you may like to read at this time Exhibits #30 and particularly #29 and #29A as its writer, Dr. Liliana A. Cerepnalkoski, concluded saying "The public should know!"

Indeed, "the public should know," and the public will positively know since this matter is being submitted through the Internet to the Court of Public Opinion. And this, in the hope that readers, not only Americans but from around the world, will become aware of the eternal injustice inflicted on the Mansoors and their Collection, and will hurry to help them solve what seems to be an "insoluble controversy." In reality, it is indeed very soluble if people of good will and with an honest mind will speak up the truth.

Help! Help! Please Help!

I need no money, but any other help or assistance the reader may offer and volunteer. Yes, and it's no shame to say it, I do need badly the help, opinions, comments and suggestions of all honest, intelligent people who would be reading these lines. In particular, I need the help and intervention of some true scholars, I mean the intellectually honest Egyptologists and the intellectually honest museologists from around the world. These should not be afraid to state publicly that, considering all what was written about the Mansoor Amarna Collection, what's for and what's against, what's real and what's absurd, that it should be researched honestly, seriously and in a scholarly manner. And who would be in a better position, and/or more qualified to do such a job than our own intellectually honest Egyptologists, who are members of the American Research Center in Egypt? And just why ARCE members? For three reasons:

1) In the USA, I believe we have some of the best Egyptologists in the world, but most unfortunately, American institutions, like the BMFA and the BM, do not allow them to give opinions on artifacts not owned by their institutions. So, not only are they restricted by their own museums, but they would also be terrorized by some authoritarians if they dare to contradict them.

2) Some of their predecessors, just like the Egyptologists around the world, were impressed and misled by the BMFA's report and/or by other Egyptologists who misunderstood Amarna art, and/or do not trust scientific evidence when Egyptian art is concerned. I believe it is a moral obligation from the part of our present American Egyptologists to rectify an error made by some of their predecessors, particularly that an American museologist at the BMFA, and an American Egyptologist at the BM created that error.

3) The Collection is now kept in California, ARCE's backyard, which presents less time, energy, risks and expenses to take out from banks to far away countries for tests and examinations.

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